Converging Elites of Innovative Marketing, Gathering Teams of Effectiveness

On Jan 18th,2014, Converging Elites of Innovative Marketing, Gathering Teams of Effective

Implementation meeting held by Innovison sales integrated department successfully come to close. Thanks to this great opportunity, 209 colleagues from different departments gather here and create future for Innovision..


The general manager Miss Wu Fang began the meeting and vice-president Huang Yong showed clearly the mission, vision, value, core strategies and goal of comprehensive business so as to have a better understanding of our company.

The meeting also presented the nine annual awards, including 4 awards for team and 5 for individual. For team, we have those prizes, The Best Project Management and Implement Team, The Best Customer Service Team, The Best Office Team, The Most Excellent Business Cotribution. For individuals, we have The Great Progress Award, the Excellent customer-guided Award , The Best Partner Award, The Innovation Award The Contribution Award. Innovision encourages and sincerely praise all the teams and individuals who make contributions for it. More progress are highly expected in the future!


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