An enterprise with stories Guangzhou Tianhe government visited Inno-vision

On June 11st, 2015, to get a comprehensive understanding of inno-vision’s management state and build a good communication bridge between the government and enterprise, Hui Tong, the minister of Guangzhou Tianhe government and other relate personnel came to visit our company. Dalton Liang, the chairman of inno-vision group, Clara Shao, the general manager of brand marketing department, Xiaohua Huang, the director of financial department, Henry Dong, the director of risk management center had warmly received them.


During the visit, beginning with struggle which had started from scratch, Dalton showed the development and comprehensive strength of inno-vision marketing to the district government officials. He showed that inno-vision was an enterprise with many stories.

After listening to the enterprise situation, minister Tong affirmed inno-vision’s business principle which always believed in diligence and integrity. And she also encouraged our company to keep practicing our enterprise’s values, ‘innovation is the life, the team is power, the client is the partner’. 

At the same time, Dalton led the district government officials to further inspect our operation pattern of auto business and comprehensive business that deeply plowed for 11 years. Minster Tong also put forward some valuable guidance advice.

The visit of the district government will build a solid foundation of the next friendly cooperation between the two sides.


In the future, our company will continue to make more innovation. In addition, we will be concerned with the social work and try to be the leader to develop the social to make greater contributions for the development of China’s economic and social.

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